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PM Studio is an Australian company who works with professional makeup artists and the everyday makeup wearer to provide must-have products from overseas as well as Australia. PM Studio have been extremely selective in choosing brands that each have a unique offering to cater for different women, just like they've been extremely selective in choosing Quantum year-after-year for their design and digital work. PM Studio's goal is to bring their clients the best products and website experience, to make them look and feel fantastic.

The makeup industry has one of the highest percentages of mobile traffic, typically around 60% of traffic driven by mobile. As such, having a website that performs well and is easy to buy from on mobile was even more important than performance and usability on Desktop browsers. PM Studio's direct competitors are some of the biggest companies in the industry globally, and a core part of the brief was to develop a new site that was able to compete on this level, without needing to invest the same kind of budget as these large companies put into their sites.


Quantum heavily researched the industry, competitors and type of consumer PM Studio target. With this research data, it gave us the ability to take a data driven approach to developing user flow, wireframes and designs, through to the final product. Our complete hands-on-approach took out all the hard work for our client, and left very little input or changes required to finalise end product.


The PM Studio website that not only looks amazing and functions well, it also stands head-and-shoulders above their competitors. Analytics data supports this, showing significantly improved performance as a result of the new site vs the previous version.

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