Our Favourite Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Bringing more traffic to your website should be one of your paramount goals. You'll get more conversions, a higher profile for the site itself, and a better ROI. You want as many eyeballs on your site and content as possible. In this post, we will share a few of our favourite ways to accomplish this, explain why they work, and talk about how to apply them to your situation.

Managing Your Content

The first thing to check is whether you are giving your content good headlines. Headlines are make or break. They affect how likely people are to click on any given post, so you really need them to be good. Make sure they capture the reader's attention without seeming desperate or artificial. Headlines also must fit well with the tone of the post and the feel of your brand.

Next, make sure the content you release is of high quality. Better content will rank high on Google search results, attracting more viewers. The more people engage with the content, the better it will rank- it is a virtuous circle of quality. You need to write or acquire content that will speak to the needs of your readers so it will capture their interest and leave them wanting to read more from you. Don't copy it from other sources, and make sure to keep adding fresh new content to keep readers coming back.

If you pair strong content with attractive headlines, you are sure to increase your traffic. Good content is more likely to get shared, and that's key to propagation and traffic. Anytime a reader shares content from you, you get a whole set of new potential readers for free, and people are more likely to share things that are valuable to them. This will generate social media buzz and drive even more people to your site.

Engagement and Promotion

One of the best ways to keep your viewers coming back is to motivate them to get involved and engaged with your site. Try adding more calls to action at the conclusion of your articles and posts. This will lead more readers to get in touch with you and increase conversions, or just lead them to return for more views. Ask readers to post comments discussing your content, or add a forum to permit more in-depth and freeform discussion. This will make readers feel like they are part of a community instead of just passively absorbing content, and that feeling drives engagement and traffic.

Next, you should get involved with the other sites and communities in your service area. Becoming linked to them will mean you can share your readers with them, and some of their readers will come to you. You stand to gain a lot from interacting with other sites because it opens up a new source of viewers who are already interested in your type of content. Be cooperative, not competitive. For example, writing guest posts on other blogs is a very good way to increase your exposure as a writer in front of a new audience. In effect, you are profiting from the hard work that someone else put in to build an audience.

Social Media

Tapping into social media is critical part of building up traffic, and each social network has something new to contribute to your strategy. Some of them work better as amplifiers of your content, while others are better for building communities or increasing your influence. Each of them has a different style and you take advantage of them in different ways. Facebook is one of the largest and most important social media networks. It has a huge audience and many tools for engagement- your business should certainly have a page of its own. Facebook is perfect for sharing your content, sparking discussion, gathering feedback, and reaching new viewers. Google+ is Google's answer to Facebook. You can build your own community there and reach a different set of people. Having a Google+ page is great for SEO and is also a way for people to review your business. Tumblr is a bit of a niche site- it's good for blogging and sharing creative content, especially if it is for a more nerdy or geeky audience. Pintrest is similar but more focused on images, and it has a different demographic- young to middle-aged women. If your content is creative and crafty, then you will get a lot of eyeballs from posting images on Pintrest. Instagram is also primarily image-based, but it has more of a general interest atmosphere, so the content doesn't need to be centered around creating something or design. Twitter is a giant in social media because of its large audience and fast pace. It's a great way to share your content and get it in front of viewers, because you just need to tweet out a link and a very short summary. It might spark some discussion.

If you remember nothing else from this post: remember this: building a large audience of engaged viewers who keep returning to your content will increase your sales and revenue. Businesses benefit when their websites get more traffic, so by following these tips you'll drive more people to your site and convert more leads. If you need help, get in touch with Quantum and we can work with you to boost your traffic.

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