5 Tips on starting an effective Facebook page

These days, more and more business owners are starting to develop professional Facebook pages. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that maintaining a professional Facebook page can help increase your online visibility and boost your conversion rates. The key to success with this internet marketing strategy is cultivating and continually optimising the page such that it becomes an eCommerce market. A high quality Facebook page includes daily updates and keeps the target market involved with interactive activities such as contests and Q & A sessions. To ensure that you can develop this type of brand-building Facebook page in order to attract the attention of your target audience, this article will provide you with several helpful tips and tricks. These tips can help expedite and optimise your process of building your business's online presence and cultivating strong relationships with prospective clients.

1. Get The Word Out.

The first thing you want to do once you've put together a professional Facebook page is to let others know that it exists. This is an important and inalienable component of the marketing process for a simple reason. No matter how aesthetically appealing, innovative, or informative your Facebook page is, it will not garner online "buzz" and induce conversion if no one knows about it. In recognising the truth of this simple principle, make a point to get the word out about your Facebook page. The simplest way to do this is by telling friends and family. First of all, friends and family members tend to be supportive of the people they know and love. This will oftentimes especially be the case if your business is already successful and the individuals in your social networks know that your products and services are excellent.

In recognising the importance of discussing your Facebook page with friends and family, you should note that making it easy for people to access your page will increase the likelihood of them visiting the site. With that idea in mind, consider the value of sending them an evite which grants them access to the page with a click of a button.

2. Optimise Your Content.

As almost every internet marketing specialist knows, content is king in the world of online advertising. That content is so important makes sense given that it is the primary medium that internet viewers will use to develop an opinion about your business. With that idea in mind, it's important that you consistently cultivate compelling, creative content. Here are several tips to do so:

Know Your Audience.

It's no secret that doing target market research is key to optimising connectivity between client and customer. Thus if you want to create engaging content that will really resonate with your target audience, you need to know as much about them as possible. Luckily, the internet has made it incredibly easy to use research and analytics to get a clear understanding of your target market's ideological perspective, cultural leanings, etc. You can use the information you glean from this research data to develop content that will really "speak" to your audience.

Avoid Spinning Content.

Spun content has become a big issue in the internet marketing sector. Although defined broadly, the phrase "spinning content" basically refers to the practice of taking another person's blog post or web article, changing a few words around, and publishing it as your own original piece. Thus spinning content is quite similar to plagiarising. In addition to being at least a bit unethical, spinning content is dangerous because it can make your business appear dreadfully similar to other brands who are all using the same material. As you may have already surmised, originality almost always wins over the generic, "cookie cutter" approach in the world of content. Since this is the case, make sure you're bringing fresh ideas and innovative use of language to each new piece of content you create.

Make Your Content Scannable.

Another strategy you should definitely utilise to optimise your content is increasing its "scannability." As numerous research studies have indicated, most people do not read content in entirety. Rather, they quickly scan through it to find the information they want. Since this is the case, you should incorporate textual elements that will make it easy for your readers to do so. This can be accomplished through the use of bullets, numbered lists, and subheaders.

Be Consistent.

Part of creating great content is ensuring that you are posting consistently. No matter how absolutely amazing your content is, you won't attract regular visitors if they can't count on you to publish new posts on a regular basis. Since this is the case, make sure you get in the habit of writing new content and publishing it on your Facebook page consistently.

3. Facebook Ads.

One of the greatest ways to attain more clients is to advertise your page with Facebook ads. Luckily, doing so is inexpensive. In fact, you can run your ad for as little as $5 per day. Moreover, the Facebook ads are targeted to ensure that you are hitting the right demographic. Finally, this marketing strategy has been proven to work, perhaps in part because it enables you to advertise your page to many of the 1.19 billion people who use Facebook. The key to success with Facebook ads is offering your audience a good reason to take action (whether that action is signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, or something else). There are several incentives you can put in place to prompt your audience to take the desired action, and some of them include offering a discounted e-book or a free consultation.

Getting started with a Facebook ad is very simple. In fact, Facebook has an entire page dedicated to walking you through the step-by-step process. After you've created your Facebook page, you move forward by detailing exactly what you want to promote and then choosing your target market. Once your ad is up and running, you'll be able to track your results and fine-tune the ad campaign to optimise your ROI.

4. Use Your Website.

While optimising your Facebook page is an important component of building your business online, it's important to remember that your website plays a big role in the process as well. Ideally, you should be integrating the use of your website such that it becomes a part of your Facebook strategy. There are numerous ways to do so. One way is to shorten blog posts that you publish on your site and then republish them on Facebook. You can also lengthen a Facebook post and then publish it on your website's blog. Additionally, your website should include links redirecting viewers to your Facebook page. Likewise, the Facebook page should incorporate clickable links that take your visitors to your business's website.

Optimising connectivity between your Facebook page and website is important for numerous reasons, including the fact that they help drive more traffic to your website blog. If you have Share Buttons on the blog, this could entail your content being shared with a ton of people. Also, redirecting viewers from your website to your Facebook page can increase your number of "Likes," thereby enhancing your online visibility and sphere of influence. Ultimately, keeping your Facebook page and website connected will maximise the effectiveness of both venues without causing you to spend exorbitant fees on advertising.

5. Track Everything.

Having success with your Facebook page is ultimately contingent upon whether you track everything carefully and continually optimise your strategies based on the results that you get. After you get your business's Facebook page up and running, it's important to focus on growing your audience and engaging your fans. There are numerous ways to put this process in motion, such as by requesting their feedback when you post content, giving out questionnaires that can help you improve your product and service quality, and running free contests that feature promotional prizes for the winners. As you implement these advertising strategies to optimise brand familiarity and conversion, make sure that you're tracking the results to see which marketing mechanisms yield the greatest ROI. Also remember that keeping your Facebook page current is immensely important. Be sure that there's a constant flow of new information and that interesting, culturally relevant content is being uploaded to your page with each passing day.


If you've given any consideration to developing a Facebook page for your business, know that doing so can help you take your online conversion rates to a new level. By getting the word out about your page, optimising your content, and using Facebook ads, you can improve your online visibility and foster connectivity between yourself and your prospective clients. Also note that integrating your website into the campaign and tracking your results can help contribute to your eCommerce success. As you begin the process of getting your Facebook campaign up and running, remember that hiring professionals to assist you can be immensely helpful. Companies like Quantum Web specialise in offering a wide range of social media marketing services, and they can also help with your web design and development needs. By contacting Quantum Web today, they can begin to develop a customised online advertising campaign that works in light of your distinct company vision.

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