How to Setup and Promote a Facebook Business Page

Many businesses still think that they can get by without a Facebook page for the company, but it's only hurting your marketing strategy to do so. Facebook business pages allow you to build awareness of your brand, products and services, and now there are also a variety of digital marketing and shopping tools to use within the social media network. In addition many search engines are evaluating social media and shares as more important for ranking. As a tool for communication and marketing, setting up a Facebook page really helps drive traffic to your business. This guide gives you the complete steps to getting started, owning your niche and successfully driving traffic to your business through Facebook.

1. Create a Fan Page

Business owners often set up a personal page and think that's all they need to market their businesses. There are a lot of reasons to go into about not mixing personal pages with business, but a fan page isn't concerned with vacation photos, family drama, relationship statuses or other personal updates. It's all about your business. People will search for your business profile on Facebook, and they expect to see your logo, brand photos, location details, hours, description of products and daily updates about your brand. It's easy to create a fan page and enhance your digital marketing strategy with one. You just sign in with your personal page, choose a category and page name for your business. You can then add your logo and other images that people associate with your brand. It's also important to set a web address that's easy for people to find you. You should include the name of your business such as "" Once you've got a basic description, choose a cover photo that showcases your business even further.

2. Pick Photos with Careful Intention

Sometimes people post unflattering photos to their social media pages not really thinking of the consequences. You definitely don't want to make this mistake with your business page. When selecting images for your page's profile picture, cover photo and albums, you should think about the marketing aspect of each. Photos should be high-resolution and display your business' best features. Your profile pictures should be engaging and feature people of interest. You can also use your albums to post pictures of goods and promotions, but the face of your company should have a personal touch. Restaurants should have photos of people eating deliciously captured food, but clothing stores should have pictures with people wearing their latest designs.

3. Acquire Those Followers

The number one reason for starting a Facebook page is to gain fans. With more fans, your business has more visibility across all parts of the web. People will like your page, share your posts, like your images and hopefully purchase your products. When starting a Facebook page, you can invite your current customers with digital marketing strategies like email promotions and advertising on your site or talking about in store. This is where an easy-to-type URL comes in handy. You can talk to people about your Facebook page and allow them to instantly load it on their mobile devices with a simple URL. In addition, you can offer prizes, discounts, deals and rewards for people liking your fan page.

4. Work on Sensational Content

Nothing is better at inviting more followers and fans than engaging content. Relevant, stunning and informative updates are the key to bringing in more people to your page. You can share fan photos, pictures from your store, new promotions and post contests for your fans to partake in. Also throw in some humour. Humor tends to get good engagement, and as such, broader reach. Commenting and talking with your followers is also key to gaining their trust and bringing them back for more. One of the strategies to engaging content is asking for opinions from your fans. For example, if you own a frozen yogurt shop, you can do a flavor of the week meter or ask for opinions on the latest choices for new flavors. "Do cherries go with amaretto ice cream?" or "What's your favorite flavor?" are two questions that get comments and make people think about your product. Engaging content is also about creating a balance with your customers. You don't want to come off as a salesman. You can post images, videos and share news with your fan page that promote your business without putting off with a sales vibe. In addition, you should be posting something once every other day, but you may want to post more if your products are trending or something's in the news that affects your business.

5. Utilize Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are easy-to-use and cost-effective for any size of business. You'll gain new exposure, more likes and potential customers. You can also target specific audiences by age, location, gender and marital status. If you're not sure about starting a business page now, just ask yourself if it's possible to do all of that with a newspaper advertisement. You can start with a budget of $5 a day for advertising and see how it works.

6. Turn Negatives into Positives

Once you start promoting on your Facebook business page, there will inevitably come a moment when you get a negative comment. It's important to look at these comments as opportunities. By responding to customer issues and complaints, you can show great humility and passion for your customers that will be extremely appreciated. In fact, most experts recommend not deleting anything on Facebook unless it's derogatory, obscene or spam. You can respond publicly and then take the conversation into a private message or even offline to a phone call. If you'd rather not post a paragraph response, just comment with an apology and that you sent a private message to clear up the problem. This way you can also offer a refund or discount if it's warranted.

7. Links and More Links

You should also make sure that your site has a link to your Facebook business page and presents a call to action to subscribe. With a Facebook icon, you can instantly show people where to go to like your page. You can also post sharing icons next to all of your products for people to share directly on Facebook. You can also promote your Facebook business page through Twitter, Pinterest and message boards related to your niche market. Facebook works as an incredible promotion tool when done right. Quantum combines all of these factors and much more to bring businesses a fully functional and professional Facebook. With our help, many clients have grown their business and continue to bring in new traffic. If you constantly update and post engaging content, you'll drive traffic to your site and gain more popularity with your fans. More specific details on how to promote with using your Facebook page are coming up in the next article.

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