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Web Development Sydney

Web Development Sydney

Web development is our thing. We are proficient in all areas of the web.

Not only are our experienced developers trained to provide all your
web development service, they are trained to stay within budget.

Your success is our success

Whether you are after an easy to use CMS, eCommerce shopping cart system, a company CRM, or a tailored online submission form, API integration, or a social media website, we can make it happen. In budget, and on time. Our in-house web development team have a strong skillset across various web technologies. We don't use off the shelf plugins like some companies do that are difficult to modify later, we build each solution custom to meet your exact needs.

We set ourselves a high bar to work to, with set standards, and have well tested automated system testing programs, as well as rigorous human testing. A strong web development team with sound processes makes a significant difference to your company and ROI. That is why our clients have confidence in working with us.

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Web Technologies

We have a team of 5 full-time web developers, and below are some of the technologies we use:

  • Platforms: UNIX, Windows
  • DBMS: MySQL, MS SQL, MS Access, Oracle, PostgreSQL, NoSQL Solutions
  • Server side: PHP, C#, CGI/Perl, ASP/ASP.NET
  • Client side: HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS

Why Quantum for your Web Development?

  • We build with our end user in mind, and not what works well for a web developer. We understand that most people are not tech savvy, and we focus on creating a UI (user interface) that is easy for our clients to use.
  • Site Speed - We aim to build functionality that is fast to load. This is both on the front end where your site visitors use the site, and in the Admin area where you manage the site.
  • Strict web standards - We follow strict standards in our development process, from the project planning, through to final testing.
  • We can build anything - Well, almost. :) In the 10 years we've been in business, we've only once had a development request we couldn't fulfill, and frankly it was something the web was not capable of at the time. Our skilled development team easily find answers to solutions when where we don't already have the answer.
  • We keep it simple. We try and keep our tech talk to a minimum, and talk in language you understand, so our clients understand the solution they are getting.
  • We develop with the search engines in mind. Google especially has quite strict standard to meet. When you don't meet these, the outcome can be a site Google doesn't want to rank well, and this can cost you thousands.