Social Media for Dentists: What You Need to Know

How to connect with patients on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms

No local business can afford to ignore social media in 2020 – and that includes dentists. From Facebook and Twitter feeds to image-based platforms such as Instagram and video sites like YouTube, these are the sites your patients check every day and use to interact with brands.

Starting social media accounts for your dental clinic is the first step in attracting more customers and growing your reputation locally. However, as a registered health provider, you need to make sure your social media campaign doesn't breach Australian advertising guidelines.

What are the social media guidelines for dentists?

Like all dental marketing in Australia, social media marketing must follow the advertising guidelines and code of ethics and professional conduct set by your National Board in line with the National Law.

These guidelines include:

  • not making unsubstantiated claims about dental services
  • presenting information in an evidence-based context, without bias
  • not advertising promotions or other offers, unless the terms and conditions are clearly stated
  • not breaking confidentiality or privacy agreements by discussing patients or posting images of their treatments or outcomes without their consent

For more information about the penalties for breaching advertising guidelines and how to avoid them, read our guide to dental marketing restrictions in Australia.

Social Media Posting

Why does my dental practice need to be on social media?

1. Reach more patients

More than 70% of Australians are now on social media, and the number continues to grow. People use social media to search for local services, so the sooner you get started on Facebook and other platforms, the more chance you'll have to establish a local presence over your competitors.

2. Retain existing patients

Every business knows that it's easier to market to existing customers than try to gain new ones, and the same goes for patients. By posting engaging content on social media and sending personal reminders about appointment dates, you can maintain good relationships with patients to keep them satisfied and loyal.

3. Grow your reputation

Posting high quality content on social media, or linking to blog posts on your dental website giving oral hygiene advice and information about treatments, will establish your credentials as an expert in the field. When your content is well-written and engaging, it's more likely to get shared, getting your name out there as a professional and caring practice.

4. Improve SEO

An effective social media campaign works in harmony with pay-per-click (PPC) ads and search engine optimisation (SEO) to improve your presence on Google and other search engines. This gives you more visibility and a better return on your marketing investment, lowering the cost per new patient.

Talk to the dental marketing experts

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