Fluctuation of Google Wesbite Listings

If you are a regular user of Google, and especially a business who constantly checks your own search engine rankings, you may have noticed for a good part of this year that there has been considerable fluctuation in the placement of your keywords within Google--even from minute to minute. We speak often speak to website owners who are worried that this is something only affecting them. Take heart, many of your competitors are also facing the same problem.

Why is this happening?

Google doesn't provide specific information as to why rankings are fluctuating so much, however by analysing the constant changes, we believe that this largely due to ‘Google Universal'. For those of you not familiar with Google Universal, it is the ‘blended results', taken from different areas of search within Google, such as general search, Google Book search, Google images, Google Video, Google News, Google Local (more commonly known as Google Maps).

What can you do about it?

While it is not possible to control exactly where your website will appear in Google, it is still important to keep a focus on the fundamentals of SEO (search engine optimisation), as well as focusing on ‘optimising' your website for Google Universal, with elements such as Google Image search, and Google Local, as well as social media sites. More than ever, you cannot afford to sit back and wait to see what happens, because while you wait, your competitors will likely be optimising their sites for Google Universal, and getting ahead of you in this marathon. If you aren't getting the best results for your web marketing efforts, contact us today to find out how we can improve your Google rankings.

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