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The Power of Google Reviews in Driving New Business.

Reviews aren't only useful for customers, but for businesses too. Your business' Google listing might already be open for reviews, but are you making the most of this opportunity for free marketing? If you've never given much thought to Google Reviews as a bus.....
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Category: Digital Marketing, Google, SEO

How to Write Your Clinic's Homepage.

Of all the pages on your clinic's website, none is more important than the homepage. This is the first page most patients will see, the page that shows up first in search results, and the page you're directing people to when you give them a link to your websit.....
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Category: Google, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO

Schema Markup for Medical Services: Make Your Google Result Stand Out.

When you've built a website for your clinic and filled it with quality content, it can be frustrating if you're still not reaching the top of local search results. Taking a look at how these results are presented on the screen could reveal what your competitor.....
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Category: Digital Marketing, Google

Understanding Paths to Conversion and Attribution: Why You Need Multiple Channels.

Are you putting all your marketing eggs in one basket? While it makes sense to prioritise the most popular platforms to reach the most people, research shows that it takes an average of 3 to 4 interactions before most users will think of connecting with a bran.....
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Category: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Google, Pay-Per-Click, SEO, Social Media, Web Design

Why Do I Need to Publish a Dental Blog?.

If your digital marketing agency has recommended starting a blog for your dental clinic, it's understandable that you might be hesitant. Should you really be spending your precious time thinking up topics for people to read about? You don't have to write the b.....
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Category: Google, Content Marketing

Local SEO for Dentists: How to Rank in Local Searches.

When you search for dentists in your area, do you see your competitors' pages before your own result? If you're not at the top of search results for your target search terms, your listings lack detail or you don't show up at all, you need to improve your local.....
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Category: Digital Marketing, Google, SEO

Chrome Bans Mixed Content: Make Sure Your Site Is Safe.

Chrome Bans Mixed Content: Make Sure Your Site Is Safe Google has announced that its Chrome browser will soon begin blocking mixed content on web pages – this being scripts, images, audio, video and other content served by the insecure HTTP protocol on HTTPS .....
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Category: Google

Google Sets Stricter Limits on Review Snippets.

Google has announced a major update affecting review snippets – the review stars that accompany certain types of search results to help inform consumer decisions. Like most Google updates, these changes were aimed at making review snippets "more helpful.....
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Category: Google, News & Updates

Friendly + Mobile = Google Search Results Success

Google is taking mobile device users' Internet experience to the next level. Last Tuesday, Google announced a new mobile-friendly label that will display webpages best optimised for people searching for information using smartphones or tablets. In the next few.....
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Category: Google, Web Design

6 Interesting Features of Google Maps

Google has been upgrading tons of high-resolution Streetview imagery with its fleet of Google Streetview cars, trikes, trolley, snowmobiles, and earth satellites to supports some exciting new Maps features. Here are some of the most interesting of the new and .....
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Category: Google

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