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Internet Security

Did you know that when you copy and paste anything on your computer and an active internet connection, that this information can be visible to others on the internet? Many people use the copy function (Ctrl+ c or right clicking on your mouse) on their computer for various different tasks. We recommend that you never copy and paste personal details such as: login/passwords, PIN, date of birth, credit cards details or anything that you wouldn't want anyone else to see while you are browsing the internet. It can take you a little longer to type this information, but it is worth this extra time so that you are not at risk from others having access to your personal information. The link below demonstrates how easily your information can be gathered when browsing the web: (1) Copy any text by Ctrl+C (2) Now, click the Link: http://www.friendlycanadian.com/applications/clipboard.htm (3) You will see the SAME text you copied is accessed by this web page.

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