The importance of choosing a Digital Marketing Agency that does BOTH SEM and SEO.
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The importance of choosing a Digital Marketing Agency that does BOTH SEM and SEO.

When looking for a Sydney SEO specialist, one often gets presented with the option of choosing between an SEO agency who focus purely on SEO, or an overall digital marketing agency who carry out both SEO and SEM, often listing social media marketing, and EDMs as services also. It’s not hard to find agencies that specialises in SEO alone presenting themselves as the ultimate experts, with something along the lines of “We’re the best at SEO because that’s all we do!” They might indeed be experts in SEO, but here at Quantum we believe SEO and SEM (as well as all other digital services) should work together, cooperating to deliver the best possible results.

While a successful SEO campaign is ideal for long term online exposure, SEM can provide a valuable boost, and shouldn’t be disregarded. For example SEM is perfect for a quick push of a new service or product, with ads appearing to potential customers that same day, while SEO will take a little while to gain momentum and reach the top of searches.

SEM such as Google AdWords can also be used to provide valuable insight into which keywords are attracting customers, and more importantly which keywords are converting these customers into sales. For a while now Google have limited the amount of keyword information available through analytics, a decent chunk of clicks to a site now appear as "(not provided)" such as in the example below:   While it is possible to work out which are the most effective keywords, this takes time, and AdWords can speed this process up dramatically, allowing your digital marketing specialist to analyse the data and really focus on the most effective keywords much sooner. A great aspect of this relationship is that SEO can also assist SEM. For example if you have particular search terms which generate great leads through AdWords but are highly expensive per click. These terms can be prioritised in your SEO campaign to generate leads without paying per click, while the AdWords campaign can then focus on keywords which aren’t as expensive.

Whether you wish to increase sales, launch a new product or service, or simply need to boost your online presence, Quantum can help! Contact us and find out more about our SEO and SEM services.