Web Marketing Campaigns Tips

Are you getting the most out of your internet marketing? Often web marketing campaigns are put together on a shoe-string budget. With this in mind, often too much emphasis is placed on upfront cost rather than ROI, limiting the success of a campaign. For best results, an important first step is carefully choosing the right keywords, focussed on your end goals. Understanding buyer behaviour and making sure you capture consumers at the right stage of the buying cycle is crucial to keyword research and obtaining the best ROI from your marketing campaign. While some keywords may drive large volumes of traffic, due to their broad and competitive nature they require more work to reach the top of the search engines and have much lower conversion rates, thereby providing a poor ROI. Worse yet, large volumes of traffic reaching a site could result in a high volume of unsuitable enquiries and increasing staffing/administration costs. When deciding on the investment you want to place into your web marketing campaign, don’t focus on the monthly upfront costs as the defining factor in your decision, look at the ROI that investment will bring. Make sure you keep up-to-date by regularly visiting our web marketing blog for ideas to improve your business through the web.

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