Beware of Website Hacking

It was very disappointing to hear news like yesterday’s where 4,800 Australian websites have been completely lost as a result of being hacked. Read more on this article ‘4800 Aussie sites evaporate hack’. As the growth in technology becomes more complex, so do the abilities of hackers. This is a good example that websites should always maintain tight security and make sure their hosting company is reliable and has a good security track record,and as this article highlights, having a proper disaster recovery process in place. Don’t let this incident happen to you. If you don’t already know, ask your web hosting company if they have a daily backup procedure in place? This is very important to prevent significant data loss and potentially losing your entire website should your website be hacked. For all Quantum Web Solutions clients who have their hosting through us, we can assure you we have a daily backup process in place to keep your website and related data secure.