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Twitter and Bing Renew their Search Deal

Bing and Twitter have just renewed their real time search deal which sees almost real time access to Tweets in Bing search results. This was a deal Google had with Twitter a few years ago. The loss pushed back a significant portion of Google's real time search.....
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Category: Digital Marketing

Bing’s version of Google’s Panda Update

If you thought the Google Panda Update was strict, then Bing’s change is much more dramatic. With Bing pushing toward higher quality content for its users, their algorithm change sees them completely removing sites they consider are too thin in content to prio.....
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Category: SEO

Bing takes another step to catch up

Can Bing really reach the dominance of Google in search? On 3rd May 2011 at RIM’s annual Blackberry World, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced a new alliance between Microsoft and RIM, outlining how the two companies will work together. This partnership will.....
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Category: SEO

Microsoft Bing rises to 30% in the Search Market

Google should be a little nervous. According to a recent report from Hitwise in March 2011, Microsoft dominated 30% if of all searches, 14.32% from and 15.69% from Yahoo Search. Below compares Google and Bing’s market share in the last 6 months: Sourc.....
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Category: News & Updates

Facebook and Bing: The Future of Search?

The recent partnership between Bing and Facebook sees a whole new measure for determining the best search results within Bing (and so within Facebook Search). This is through using ‘social signals’ such as the ‘Like’ button seen on many external websites, as w.....
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Category: News & Updates, Social Media, Digital Marketing

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