Bing’s version of Google’s Panda Update

If you thought the Google Panda Update was strict, then Bing’s change is much more dramatic. With Bing pushing toward higher quality content for its users, their algorithm change sees them completely removing sites they consider are too thin in content to prioritise more useful and relevant websites.

The reason being as said by Bing: One of our main goals at Bing is to deliver quality results for our users. Consistent with our guidance to site owners, websites that seem to rely mostly on affiliate content or that offer only thin content often don’t deliver the value searchers are looking for and may be demoted or removed from our index. This is something we continually refine and look at closely throughout the year. As the change is quite new, Bing seems to be cracking down on holiday shopping deal offer sites which have a lot of advertisement and links. With the complete removal of such sites, this can be very detrimental to website owners. So for those who want to rank within Bing - keep this in mind!

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