Facebook Business Tips #2

Here are some tips to help you create and manage a succesful Facebook business page.

1. Don’t be a spammer.

Limit the amount of updates a week, you don’t want to flood people's feeds. Facebook has recently made it much easier to "unlike" a page. If you click on 'X' on a Page status update in your feed, there is an option to "Unlike Page".

2. It’s not always about YOU.

Don’t focus all updates strictly to promote your business. Valuable and interesting information from external articles and videos should also be used.

3. Be unique.

Have a unique landing page designed for you specifically. Think of it as a snapshot of your company and its core product/service offerings.

4. Implement social signals.

Utilise social signals, namely the Facebook ‘Like’ button throughout your website pages. This will help spread your website to the user's friends and create broad brand awareness.

5.Check your default wall settings

Make sure your default wall setting isn’t to posts only made by you. Make sure it's set on “(your Page name) + Others”. That way everyone can see other fan comments and creates a more interactive environment. Have a look at the Quantum Web Solutions Facebook Business Page.

Stay tuned for more Facebook tips!

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