Google Chromebook ready for release.

Google have announced that their very own laptop, the Chromebook, is ready to be rolled out and will be available within the next week. For those who can’t wait or won’t have a chance to head to one of the outlets stocking the laptop, it can also be pre-ordered through Designed and built together with Samsung, the Chromebook is an ambitious move towards making personal computers available to as many people as possible at a low price. Retailing at only $249, the Chromebook is cheaper than many smartphones, and is sure to become a hit. The laptop has been built to be lightweight, and highly integrated with Google’s online products and services such as Gmail, Drive, Google +, and Maps, making it both very user friendly, as well as a providing new means for potential Google customers to connect with their many products.

You can read more about the Chromebook on Google’s blog.

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