Google+ for Business Review

Some people still think that Google Plus is useless, but there are plenty of people who use this form of social media on a daily basis. Whether you are actually interested in what Google's social media platform has to offer or you are just interested in digital marketing for your business, it is important to know everything about this platform before you get started. There are plenty of different ways in which this social media website can improve your business's reach on the Internet, but you have to know how to use this tool correctly for everything to work out.

What is Google Plus for Business?

Google Plus is a social media platform that can allow businesses to be more easily found by possible customers while they are using different types of services from Google. Google Plus is basically Google's version of Facebook or Twitter, but it comes with many advantages for businesses that are not seen on the other platforms. For example, your posts or Google Plus pages can show up on the right side of someone's search results when they are trying to find something on Google. Google Plus also comes with the hangouts feature, which means you will be able to have video conferences with up to 10 co-workers and clients at the same time for free. The +1 feature is another positive aspect of Google+. When someone adds a +1 to your business, it is basically like getting a "Like" on Facebook. It is important to also note that +1s on Google Plus can also have an impact on your PageRank when it comes to search engine optimisation.

The Advantages of a Google Plus Profile

When you have a Google Plus page, it will be easier for prospective clients to find more information about your business. For example, even if you don't have a regular website for your business, people will be able to find your Google Plus page when they search for your business on Google. You can use the "About Us" section of your page to tell people what your company is all about. The benefit of having one of these pages is that they usually rank well when people are searching for certain products and services on Google. Create Backlinks to Your Website with Posts on Google Plus Everyone knows that backlinks are an important aspect of digital marketing, and the backlinks that you generate from your Google Plus page can be rather valuable. It is a good idea to make a post on your Google Plus Business page at least once per day just to give your customers an update on what is going on behind the scenes with your business. Linking to your actual website in these posts can create some powerful backlinks that are instantly recognized by Google's web crawlers.


There is a unique amount of networking that goes on with Google Plus pages. One of the main aspects of digital marketing is showing up in places where there is a lot of eye traffic, and that is definitely an easy thing to do when you network on Google Plus. By adding someone to your circle, you will be able to receive all of their posts and comment on them when you have something to share. By commenting on certain posts by powerful companies or individuals, you may even be able to get them to share some information about your company or business on their Google Plus pages. With over 135 million active users on the website, there are a lot of people that can be reached just by getting involved with the right Google+ circles.

Google Plus Places

One last positive aspect of Google Plus that needs to be noted is Google Plus Places. Being a part of this Google program is basically mandatory for local SEO, and this is perfect for businesses that have physical locations in various towns and cities around the country. When someone searches for a certain kind of business in a local area, there is a good chance that you will pop up as one of the first business results at the top of the page if your business is located in that part of the country. It is extremely important to keep local SEO in mind when you are building your Google Places page. Feel free to add us to your circles on Google+

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