Google Penalties

Has Google penalised or banned your site in the past or currently? These days, many businesses have a strong reliance on Google, and as such, a drop in rankings for whatever reason can be a cause of great stress. At times a drop in rankings may be caused simply by Google changing their algorithm, but it can also be due to a Google penalty. So what do you do? Well firstly, don't panic. It is important to wait at least a few days to a week, to make sure that the cause of the drop is not due to an algorithm change. An algorithm change can make your site drop a few places, a few pages, or even drop from the rankings altogether. During this time:

  • speak with your SEO expert as they should know of any recent changes within Google, and
  • document any recent changes that have been made to your website to see if anything obvious has cause a Google penalty.

If nothing obvious has been the cause, and your site is still not appearing after a week, have your SEO expert conduct a thorough full site analysis to determine anything that has caused the penalty. If you are still not getting answers, or your SEO expert is not able to help, call us today for a full analysis of your website. We specialise in search engine optimisation services, and keep up-to-date on the right techniques to help keep you at the top of Google.

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