Google Updates in July 2016

Links are incredibly important to Google’s algorithm

Have you heard the myth that links are a declining signal to the ranking algorithm? A new study has dispelled this notion, demonstrating the power of link building and showing that links are even more important than what was suggested in previous studies in the past.

The study published by Stone Temple proved there was a clear correlation between ranking highly in Google and the links pointing to that page. However, it’s important to note that content plays a key part in the outcome of results – if the content on your webpage doesn’t provide any value to search users (i.e. it’s not relevant), links will not help you rank higher.

Links and content are the two most important ranking factors for Google!

Expanded Text Ads – Now Live on Google AdWords!

Extra-long ads with double headlines officially rolled out on Tuesday the 2nd of August. These new ads now allow extra characters to be inserted into the ad copy, which means there is a chance to re-shape ads in a more compelling manner.

Google has stated that the extra text was specifically designed for giving mobile search users more information – in early tests there were CTR improvements as high as 20%! Despite this, there were some reported issues with truncation on desktop devices where Google does not completely display the headline. This has prompted some industry experts to say only use 33 characters out of the available 60 in order to avoid headlines getting cut off. However, a quick way to counter this issue is to use the preview tool to see how your ads will appear before launching them.

Note that advertisers can also start to set base bid adjustments based on the available device types (desktop, mobile, or tablet). Also, responsive display ads now serve across the Google Display Network, which applies to all devices! You will no longer have to create custom banners to fit within specified measurements.

New Map Ads on Google

Google Maps have become a much more interactive experience for search users, with the inclusion of ads that’s helping local businesses become more visible. However it’s not about the online experience – the whole point of Google Maps revamped is to drive more traffic to physical business locations, by increasing visibility of local businesses for consumers who are searching for somewhere to shop or eat.

Here are the major ways which Google Maps has changed in order to promote their new strategy:

New Local Search Ads

Advertisers using location extensions in AdWords will see their ads appear through Google Maps for desktop and Google Maps mobile app. The map will note the locations of the business providing the ad with a purple pin.

Promoted Pins

Promoted pins are simply company logos (instead of a simple pin) that display physical locations of their business on Google Maps.

In Store Promotions

The feature of in store promotions allows businesses to display special offers available at the location of the business - this includes coupons, products on sale, or any form of in store promotions.

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