Is Facebook Right For Your Business?

Though it originally started as a website to connect college students to one another, Facebook has turned into a full-blown phenomenon that is used around the entire world. And while individuals still use the services to keep in touch with friends or old flames, businesses can also greatly benefit by using Facebook the right way. However, some businesses still fail to use Facebook, as they may not see the benefits it provides. If you are wondering if Facebook is right for your business and if you should begin using it for your company, here are some questions you can ask yourself to see how you might benefit.

Do I Need Facebook?

The first question that you’ll want to ask yourself is whether or not your company even needs a social media influence like Facebook. Although some companies wish to grow and increase their influence, other companies have no desire to get any larger or increase their brand name. This may be because they’ve maxed out in terms of the amount of customers they can provide for, or they simply don’t have the man power for any type of increase. If you are a company that has maintained a certain level of profit that you are happy with, you may, in fact, not need to use a site like Facebook. Another question to ask is whether or not your target market is even available on Facebook. For example, if you target people who you think aren’t interested in social media or aren’t familiar with the internet, then Facebook may not be worth your time. Before anything else, businesses should ask themselves whether or not they think they need a Facebook presence. There is no point in overextending your resources if it’s not going to benefit your company. However, if you think Facebook could potentially help you grow in a way that you want, then it could be worth it to consider implementing into your business.

Do I Have The Time Or Manpower For Facebook?

Next, you’ll want to ask yourself whether or not you have the manpower to implement a social media campaign like Facebook. The key to using Facebook for your business is to maintain a regular and consistent presence with your followers. This doesn’t mean that you are posting every five minutes, but you should be posting at least on a daily basis. If you’re workload is already so full that you don’t have time to do this, your Facebook presence likely won’t even be noticed as it is. However, another option is hire a social media campaign manager or a company like Quantum. These individuals and companies work specifically to increase social media awareness and grow brands through social media sites like Facebook. Best yet, these individuals are tech savvy and familiar enough with the industry that you can continue doing what you know best, which is running your business. If you don’t have the knowledge or expertise to use social media sites like Facebook, that shouldn’t deter you from implementing it.

How Can Facebook Make It Easier For Customers To Find My Company?

One of the best things that Facebook offers is the opportunity for small businesses to compete with large companies. This is because marketing and advertising with Facebook is essentially free if you do it the right way. Once you have connected with enough clients and customers, you can then begin using your profile to share exciting and new information about your business. For example, a gym can use Facebook to show before and after photos of clients who have gone through a complete body transformation. As other followers see this, they will think to themselves that they too would like to see life changing results like that. Or if you are a restaurant, you can use photographs and videos to display food options that you have on your menu. You can also use photos and videos if you are a retail store that wants to display new products that you are selling. No longer does your company have to wait until the weekly advertisements come out for people to know about your company. Instead, they can get instantaneous information that is presented to them immediately once it is posted on your Facebook page. The best part might be the fact that the more information you post on Facebook, the more likely you are to be seen by a wide variety of customers. All it takes is one viral photo or video to be shared by a single person, and before you know it you are watching your Facebook followers skyrocket and your business increase in ways that you never before imagined. Facebook can also be great for helping you work with people and show other followers that you care about your customers. If people are displeased with your services, you can guarantee that they will take to social media to talk about their displeasure. But the great part is, with social media you can find out what the problem was and figure out the best way to solve it. When customers see that you actively participate in being aware of what your customers think, this will help build brand recognition and loyalty for your products. Furthermore, the more that people share their experiences, the bigger your network can expand and the more your business can grow. Facebook isn’t necessarily the best option for every company out there. As demonstrated here, there are legitimate reasons why a company may not choose to implement a social media campaign like Facebook into their current methods of connecting with customers. Take the time to weigh the options and information presented here, then determine whether or not Facebook is for you. And don’t forget, if you see the value but are concerned with your ability to implement it in the best way possible, call Quantum to talk with one of our social media experts about even more benefits from Facebook.

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