The Best Social Media Campaign Ever?

You may have heard or seen the very hilarious and creative Old Spice viral ads. However the question we ask is - did it help generate sales? The answer is a big yes. According to Nielsen data provided by Old Spice, overall sales for Old Spice body wash products rose 105%! Creative Director Iain Tait told RWW "In a way there's nothing magical that we've done here, we just brought a character to life using the social channels we all [social media geeks] use every day. But we've also taken a loved character and created new episodic content in real time." At nearly 19 million hits and counting, the YouTube campaign shows that video-sharing platforms can be very influential in extending campaign audience reach. They also took social media engagement to another level through the use of personalised video responses to selected individuals from Ellen Degeneres to everyday people. Your company doesn't need to do this, but what you can do, is help people feel valued and a simple thank you for a Facebook add or Twitter follow goes a long way.

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