The Power of Blogging - Ranking Higher than an Official Website

We rank higher than Yellow Pages for 'Cost of Yellow Pages...'

The keywords listed below shows how powerful blogging really is. Our Quantum blog post called Yellow Pages Online versus Search Engine Traffic was written back in 2006, and is still currently ranked #1 in Google. This means it is above the official website of Yellow Pages for keywords that relate to their own service- which is increadible! These are the keywords that are bringing in traffic to this blog post:

  1. Yellow pages online statistics: rank #2
  2. Cost of yellow pages online: rank #1
  3. Cost of yellow pages website: rank #1

Here are some advantages regular blogging (in the right way, with the right blogging software) can have on your website:

  1. It helps Google notice you more and helps increase your ranking over time.
  2. Attracts a constant stream of traffic to your website.
  3. Demonstrates your expertise and knowledge and builds credibility.
  4. Establish your brand’s thought leadership. These keywords bring in a steady stream of traffic to our website which in turn leads to additional business for us, even though the article is now 4 years old!

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