Facebook Places for Your Business

Facebook Places is a fun new function of Facebook that engages you and your friends on a more interactive and personanal level. It allows you to share with your friends, the location of where you are, which will appear on your friend’s news feed and your wall. You are also able to tag people you’re with, just like you can tag friends in photos. Here are some perks in having a Facebook Local Business Listing:

1. Brand Reach

For many companies, a Facebook local listing is invaluable in terms of their brand reaching a wider range of potential customers. E.g. After seeing your friend check in at a certain bar on a Friday night, you may decide to visit it yourself. This could also apply to a gym, a local festival, a trade show, a resturant, or a retail store. Ask yourself, would you be more willing to try a recommended hairdresser by a trusted friend, or try a place you saw advertised in a magazine? We all know how powerful referral business can be.

2. Real-time Events

You may see your friend has checked in at a cafe and you happen to be in a nearby area. There is a likely chance you may go there and join them, thus resulting in more business for that cafe. Just a note of caution though. Make sure your privacy settings are set correctly, so only those you want to see where you are, can. Does your business have a Facebook Local Business Listing?

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