Website Content – Reaching the top of Google

Did you know that having quality content that is frequently updated on your site can help you reach the top of the search engines? The important thing to be aware of is the content should be of value to your target market, as well as high quality. Don’t simply rush to put content onto your site for the sake of it. Not done correctly, you may find it is driving the wrong traffic to your site, and worse still, weakens other areas of your site that should be your main focus. Some website owners think only of writing content to suit the search engines and help their rankings, but it is important to think of the end user who will be reading the content. They are the most important goal of a website, and so make sure when writing your content you consider whether it is something your potential or existing customer would want to read about. Matt Cutts of Google shares some of his thoughts on writing content for blogs in the video below, but these same tips can also be used for the regular content on your website.

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