Google Places changes in location-based searches

In the last few days, Google have started to roll out a Google Places update which now incorporates map tags to show directly against location-based search results. For example, if you type in “makeup Sydney” our client, Showface appears as the first result. You will notice there are labels which correlate onto the map on the right. Also, the company logo and the address will show up underneath the company search listing. The new change brings an entirely new dynamic to Google. Previous Organic (natural) rankings that would have appeared between Position 1 and 3 without a Google Places listing, will find website traffic start dropping off considerably. So more than ever is the importance of a well optimised Google Places listing vital to companies overall web marketing mix and receiving optimal results for their website. Note that Google Personalised search results also impact Google Places Listings. Do you need a well optimised Google Places listing? Contact us today on 02 8904 0288 or by clicking here to find out how we can help.

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