Yahoo! and Facebook collaborate

To keep up with Google Buzz, users with Yahoo! and Facebook accounts can now link their two accounts to share updates and messages across both platforms. Users will be able to see their Facebook newsfeeds on Yahoo! pages and share content from Yahoo! straight to Facebook. "As the place that 600 million people visit every month, Yahoo! is in a unique position to bring together different social experiences from across the Web to a single place", this post can be read on the official Yahoo! Yodel Anecdotal blog. Thus incorporating email with social media platforms makes sense as social media is about real-time and by linking these accounts it has made communicating and receiving information a whole lot more efficient. This was a strategic move to encourage people to spend more time at Yahoo! website's, resulting in more opportunities the company can use to make money through their advertising model. In Feb 2010, Hitwise found Australian searches from Google accounted for 87.26% (using and However, will this strategy really enough to significantly take away any significant market share from Google and their continuous market dominance?

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