10 Tips to a Successful Facebook Business Page

Managing a Facebook business page is entirely different to managing a Facebook group and a personal profile. Here are some tips to help you create a successful Facebook business page.

1. Be personal and authentic.

It is the face and personality of your business. People relate better to genuine and conversational messages.

2. Make it interesting.

Be helpful and informative. Make sure your content isn't always purely commercial. Mix it up by posting interesting news that may be going on in your industry.

3. Be active and update often.

Post something new at least 2-3 times a week. Keep them informed about what you're doing. Post pictures of new merchandise or something fun happening in your office.

4. Keep it short and succinct.

Your message must be concise to be easily read and quickly capture attention in order for users to engage.

5. Add links.

Adding external links to a specific page on your website or blog will help support your message.

6. Keep it clean.

Keep it looking professional by not including the URL in the actual text box. Underneath the text box next to "Attach", use the "Link" icon next to it. Insert the URL and click attach.

7. Engage with your customers.

If someone posts a question on your wall, reply back to them immediately. Encourage customer engagement by asking for feedback on products.

8. Listen to your customers.

Sometimes customers may leave negative feedback, address it immediately and take this feedback into consideration. They can provide helpful insights on how to improve not just your Facebook Page, but your business.

9. Monitor your page.

Check your page as much as possible every week. Sometimes people will post spam messages on your wall. Eliminate them immediately.

10. Create goodwill.

If someone "likes" your page, thank them personally. It is good to show your appreciation and will reflect positively on your reputation. Have a look at the Quantum Web Solutions Facebook Business Page.

Does your business have a Facebook business page?

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