5 Benefits of Google+

  1. More Meaningful & Valuable Content Using Google+ profile information, Google will be able to deliver more meaningful and customised content which is more tightly focused around an individuals interests. By understanding how individuals share and discuss content on the internet -e.g. they see which blogs you like reading-, Google can adjust its search results to show what you’re interested in.
  2. Changing How You Get Traffic Google have a +1 button which can be implemented on a wide variety of multiple points from your website, e-newsletters, sponsored Google advertising to YouTube. Video is a big factor as seen with Hangouts and Google TV. It makes sharing and recommending content even easier, especially seen with the integration of YouTube and Hangouts. This allows you to watch the video simultaneously with your friends and have a fun video chat with up to 10 of your friends!
  3. Search Engine Optimisation Google currently drives 90% of Australian search engine trafficand Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google has said they take into account social signals, such as Google+ as a factor in search engine rankings. Even though it’s still relatively new, it’s best to jump on board, create a profile and start updating it - as Google looks at your historical data in how they determine your rankings.
  4. Social Gaming Facebook is a big player in the area of social games with more than half of Facebook’s 700 million users on it every day. However with Google’s $100 million investment into social gaming company Zynga, Google have their eyes set within this area. For those businesses who want to enter into the gaming arena – Google presents a lot of opportunities to tap this whole new market.
  5. Segmented Messages Now that Google+ is available to users from 13 years old (it used to be restricted to those below 18 years old), companies are able to customise their messages over a larger demographic. This presents massive value to businesses for better branding as their messages will tie into their customers own preferences. For example a fashion label will be able to show a new collection of dresses that are suited to females aged between 18- 25 years, and another collection of printed tees to males aged 15- 17 years.
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