Google's "Search, plus Your World"

Google rolls out their new feature for Social Integration called "Search, plus Your World" for, but as of yet no indication as to when this will be rolled out to other countries Google search.

This is where Google+ will really have the opportunity to smash Facebook, especially in the area of business. It's also why it is becoming increasingly important that all businesses have a well used Google+ business page. Facebook is still much more utilised for friends connecting with each other on a personal level. If people want to search for a business, they use a search engine, primarily Google.

With the introduction of 'Search, plus Your World' we're going to see Google results much more personalised from Google's Social Network. And as we all know, seeing a friend who has endorsed something, or someone in your social circle offering a product or service your interested in carries much more weight in making a decision as to where to buy from than finding a business you know nothing about. Like Google has done for many years with search, they look at your past history to help them determine if you're important enough to rank well in Search results.

This will be no different, so we'd recommend you start actively using your Google+ page , and inviting as many friends and business contacts as you can. Find out more about Google+ in the video below, and stay tuned for further updates as they roll out. And please + 1 us for hints and tips to managing your Google+, SEO and Social Media.

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