Aussies shop online more

New research by Swineburne University of Technology has found that 78% of Australians are regular web shoppers, spending on average $206 a month. They are also avid virtual window-shoppers who research on the internet and then go out to buy from a bricks-and-mortar store.

Online shopping is not only popular for young buyers. Research also found that shoppers aged 50-64 have increased online monthly spend in the past four years from $157 to $258. Overall Australians are shopping more often, with research showing 25 percent of Australians were buying at least once a week, compared with 17 per cent of Americans and less than 10 per cent of Europeans, Israelis or Japanese. Scott Ewing, a senior researcher at the centre commented on these results, "This doesn't mean that Australians are necessarily spending more money online than in retail stores, or that it is the main cause of the present retail downturn as some have suggested, but it does indicated that more people are going online to buy things more often." With the convenience and ease of online shopping, it’s no surprise it is a growing area.

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