Google+ Brand Pages

Have you heard? Google+ Brand Pages are now available for everyone to set up for their business! It has been said that if you ignore Google+ as a business, you’re ignoring Google! While the lines of search engine optimisation and social media continue to blur, it is important that companies stay-up-date with both in order to ensure they get the best results from their website.

So what are the benefits of Google+ Brand Pages? Google Social Signals As the largest search engine, it has been stated by Human Business Works President Chris Brogan, that Google indexes anything publicly for Google+. Google takes into account the social and authorship elements in their ranking algorithm. This entails the +1 button which Google decides how much people like the content or website. The idea is to show the photo of the author next to results which makes that search result more trustworthy. It also sends a stronger signal of brand reputation to Google search, which is a way for content authors to send Google direct signals that the content is connected to them specifically. Hangouts Google + have a unique feature called “Hangouts”, which allows for live audio/video chats between yourself and multiple users.

This presents a fantastic opportunity as it allows people to have convenient discussions anywhere and enables companies to utilise it as a customer service tool. By placing a human face to the brand, the company becomes more accessible to its customers and allows them to conveniently interact with customers to help solve problems. It also opens up possibilities for product demos. Tailored Messages Circles are a fantastic way to enable you to tailor the message to the right follower. For example if you’re an online retailer selling perfume you might want to send a message to fans who are interested in gardening to promote your floral scented perfumes. Alternatively, there could be another message targeted to those who like particular celebrities in order to sell celebrity endorsed perfume. This further increases the relevance in your message because it's closely tied with the users' interests so they're more willing to listen and action your message.

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