Facebook and Invalid Ad Clicks

Have you been concerned your Facebook advertising dollars aren't being properly utilised? The Business Insider have written an interesting article on Facebook and Invalid Ad Clicks. According to this article "Up to 20 percent of Facebook’s pay-per-click advertising revenue" is under scrutiny in the "California federal appeals court". I find it disturbing that such a large company that makes so much money off Advertising is not not allowing any kind of third party auditing when there is a sufficient amount of questioning as to the validity of what they are charging their advertisers. Being that they are a public company now, shouldn't this be audited? However the Business Insider have said that "The company that audits Facebook’s financial accounts, Ernst & Young, also audits clicks for online businesses. But an email described in the case sent between two E&Y employees allegedly states that Facebook has resisted a click audit." Is this purely arrogance of a large corporation, or do Facebook have good reason to hide this data?

According to this article Facebook have said "No one is forced to advertise on Facebook, and there are plenty of competing services who will take their ad dollars." This comment I find very arrogant. There may be many services offering similar services, but not many that have the same reach as Facebook.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-advertisers-invalid-click-class-action-lawsuit-2012-10#ixzz2BZRAqdke

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