Google to pay for links to news stories?

Some news organisations trying to make Google pay to display for their content to be displayed in Google's search results. This is an interesting one that's been going on for a while now, most notably right now in Paris. I believe this is really a very short sighted view. All Google needs to do is stop indexing these particular news sites altogether (which I might add that the news sites can simply do themselves by using a robots.txt file on their sites to tell Google not to index their sites)  and that would simply mean that other news sites are found instead. We are living in an age where sites such as Twitter and Facebook are delivering faster and more direct news through their users than some news sites. Google not indexing these news sites would most likely suffer make them suffer more by not having Google indexing them. Perhaps the news companies need to employ some creative SEO  and digital media agencies that can help better control what content is displayed in Google from their news results, and find more enticing ways to then monetize the traffic coming through to them. More information available in the following resources:

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