Facebook iFrames

Facebook introduces the new iFrames as part of its business pages which give businesses the ability to create mini sites within Facebook. So from March 11, 2011, users won’t be able to create new FBML (Facebook Markup Language) apps. However, while all existing FBML apps will continue to work, Facebook is pushing forward on the use of iFrames.

What is an iFrame? Think of it as a mini website. It fits within a frame that has certain dimensions in a Facebook business page, and has multiple layers you can click into- just like a website. Here is an example of our Facebook iFrame welcome page. This mini website directly links to your “normal” website. For example if you have a contact form on your website, this could also be in your mini Facebook website. This could also work for online retailers, and allow customers and potential customers easily browse through your catalogues via your business page without even having to leave Facebook. With Australian’s staying on Facebook the longest and is number one in drawing in the highest number of unique visitors per month, do you have a Facebook Business Page yet? Or better yet, have you thought of implementing iFrames to your Page?

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