Facebook Business Tips #5

Here are some tips to help you create and manage a successful Facebook business page.

1. Patience.

Gaining 50 fans overnight may or may not happen. Building a following takes time and happens progressively, so be persistent and keep updating your page.

2. Use iFrames

Now that new FBML applications can no longer be created, iFrames can be utilised to customise pages that make your page unique. Think of iFrames as a window on the main page that lets you see though to another page. You’ll need to know html and perhaps need a web designer to create it for you. But it’s well worth the money spent.

3. Default landing page.

Set it to your customised Welcome Page. Those who have not yet “liked” the page, will land on this first.

4. Sign up.

Customise a page for your fans to sign up to receive your newsletters. This is another avenue to sustain communication with your customers and keep them up-to-date with the latest news or promotions. It also allows you to prolong meaningful, long-lasting and profitable customer relationships.

5. Facebook advertising.

Facebook advertising can be a very handy tool as you can target the ads to appear to a specific demographic such as age, sex, location. As well as those who have particular interests and have joined specific groups or pages. This ensures your ads appear to the most relevant and targeted audience who will most likely purchase your products. Have a look at the Quantum Web Solutions Facebook Business Page.

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