Facebook - The second most visited site in Australia

For those wondering about the value of social networking and how much exposure it can really provide a business, stats for week ending 13/03/2010 from Hitwise may change your mind.

Facebook was the 2nd most visited site in Australia, coming in quite close behind Google Australia. While it is much less likely Social Networking advertising/marketing will bring instantaneous sales, setup correctly, sites such as Facebook can be very useful tools for Branding your business. Many small to medium businesses completely overlook the importance of branding, as they focus on the sales they need today. But longevity in business means having an important part of your overall marketing strategy focused on branding, as this is what will play an important part in the long term success of a business. Social Networking not currently part of your Marketing plan?

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Top Websites - All Categories

The following report shows websites for the industry 'All Categories', ranked by Visits for the week ending 13/03/2010.

Rank Website Visits
1. Google Australia 9.23%  
2. Facebook 7.07%  
3. Windows Live Mail 2.93%  
4. ninemsn 2.32%  
5. YouTube 1.78%  
6. eBay Australia 1.53%  
7. Google 1.08%  
8. Yahoo!7 1.06%  
9. Wikipedia 0.84%  
10. Yahoo!7 - Mail 0.76%  
11. Google Australia Image Search 0.69%  
12. CBA NetBank 0.61%  
13. Bureau of Meteorology 0.60%  
14. MySpace 0.56%  
15. BigPond 0.54%  
16. Bing 0.52%  
17. ninemsn News 0.48%  
18. Google Maps Australia 0.37%  
19. Apple Start Page 0.35%  
20. Sydney Morning Herald 0.33%  

Source: Hitwise Top Websites and Search Engine Analysis

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