Facebook Business Tips #6

Here are some tips to help you create and manage a successful Facebook business page.

1. Be inclusive.

Give a reason for your fans to connect to your page as a person. Talking in first person and using the word “we” makes it more inclusive and all these contribute in creating a community within your Page.

2. Enable photo tagging.

By default, this setting is turned off so be sure to enable this. If you happen to have photos from an event, allowing your fans to tag photos further promotes the viral spread of your page. Be mindful to post appropriate photos because all these images are a reflection of your brand.

3. Calls to action.

Don’t barrage your fans with promotional and sales updates all the time. If people are overloaded, the less they will pay attention to your updates, or worse ‘unlike’ you. If you have a lot of promotions, space them out over time.

4. Connect your Twitter.

If you have a Twitter, connect it to your Facebook Page. This enables it to be simultaneously updated at the same time which will save you a lot of time.

5. Host conversation.

There is a recent feature where Facebook now allows you to “Use Facebook as Page”. This enables you to directly interact in groups and Pages using your Business Page (as opposed to your personal profile). You then become a speaking representative of your brand that directly ties back to your business. Create a discussion thread within other Pages or participate in discussion boards. It sparks conversation, gives you credibility as being knowledgeable within your industry and in turn, people will take interest in your business. Have a look at the Quantum's Facebook Business Page.

Stay tuned for more Facebook tips!

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