Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool New Features

If you use Google AdWords, you've probably noticed Google has recently added a whole mob of new features to their AdWords Keyword Planner, nine to be exact. These features allow you to improve your scheduling, design and income exceptionally fast. Using new visual charts with an easy to figure out colour based system, you can view everything from what country your viewers are from, or what keywords are the most popular on your page. So to help you understand this update, here is a list of all nine of the new updates and explaining how to use them in the most effective way, enjoy.

Custom Estimate Dates

The first of many new features is the easy to use Custom Estimate Date, allowing you to choose the exact date you wish to estimate your earnings for. You can also unlock Annual, Quarterly or Monthly listings to view. And if that wasn't enough already, advertisers can also easily view the time that the estimates were based off of. So rather than before where you just trusted the program, now you can easily trust in the dollars that you'll make.

Relative Keyword Changes

Secondly, Google has also made it possible to view the relative changes for the keyword or ad groups when differentiating two periods of time. Also added is the ability to look at the total percent change. This makes it quick and simple to find out what keywords are popular and gaining views, or some that may be going down in popularity. You can also view the date on which Keywords were more popular than others, and if some keywords have dived in popularity. This new feature also makes it clear that if any new Keywords go viral, you'll be the first to know about it, and effectively use it to your advantage.

Graphical Visualisations Of Targeted Areas

Perhaps you need to see if a keyword is more popular in Sydney, Melbourne or Albury, with this new tool it's possible. Graphical visualisations of your geographical targeted areas are now quick and easy to view. With a simple color guided chart, you can see exactly where the audience is and exactly how many of them there are. Simply click on the country you wish to view, then within that country you can easily see the different areas of viewership. Perhaps you wanted to see the demographics within the Australia? No problem. Simply select the Australia and you can easily view the States within, and view which States had the most popular Keywords available.

Targeted Location Analysis

Along with the graphical visualisations, targeted location analysis is also a big step in Google's new features. Targeted Analysis allows you to view geographic locations where keywords are most popular, showing simple colour coated charts that make it simple to view and understand.

Device Segmentation And Bid Adjustments

With the new updates in the Keyword Planner, you can now view your device segmentation and bid adjustments. Now allowing you to view any and all mobile bid adjustments, you can quickly add a bid, and at the same time estimates on that bid will be adapted to your new found bid. Although this may sound complicated, it really is quite simple to use, and makes the whole process much easier than before.

Device Breakdown

Breakdowns from devices. This new feature allows you to see if the biggest viewership is from a guy sitting at a coffee shop before work on his phone, or someone on their laptop after work. Either way, now you can find out who really likes to view you. With this new upcoming feature, you can view a graph that tells you if your viewers are on a laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Time Period Comparisons

Along with many new features, you can now view time comparisons quickly and easily on Google. Allowing you to choose between a simple chart or a visual graph, you can simply click on the tab, enter your dates, and compare your average monthly searches.

Keyword Time Periods

With Google AdWords new Keyword planner, you can now choose the time period when you are searching for popular keywords. You will also have the ability to view a graph that will give you clear visualisations and allow you to make clear and decisive decisions when choosing your keywords. The graph also shows the changes of the keywords popularity over time.

Mobile Trends

Finally, the ninth addition to the Google AdWords Keyword planner is the ability to view mobile trends on graphs. This is displayed with the trends in green, and the overall types of devices which will be shown in blue. You can control this graph by moving your mouse, placing it on the bar where the amount will be shown.

New Keyword Planner Is Superior

All of these new features to the AdWords Keyword Planner make it possible to create smart, well thought out business strategies without having to add up countless numbers and solve hundreds of questions. These new features are a massive improvement since the last update. Originally there were no colour charts and only simple boring graphs that weren't always correct. With this new update it creates a much cleaner workflow with a simple and easy to use interface. This new update makes Google AdWords well suited for anyone, from the computer engineer to the small business owner who is just learning how to use Google AdWords. Not to mention this update also includes the time period selector, allowing the user to find the exact time when Keywords are most popular. That option is priceless, compared to the original version where such a thing was impossible to create. Everything from the bid adjustment tab to the time period adjustment tool, all of these new add-ons make using Google AdWords 99% easier, and allow advertisers to see the potential of Google AdWords, an already excellent program for anyone to use. Whether you're a small business, a blogger, a marketer or perhaps even just an average daily user, this new Keyword planner is bound to change how you use Google AdWords. Overall, the Google engineers have made a vast improvement over their previous design. With all of these new options, the applications are limitless.

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