Is SEO dead?

We noticed an interesting ad the other day, advertising the services of a digital marketing agency, with the ad stating that ‘SEO is dead’. This is something we’ve noticed people claim online from time to time, but this was the first time we noticed a Sydney based agency announce this, and funnily enough it was (from what we can tell) a Sydney SEO Agency! After clicking through and reading what they had to say, it seemed as though the agency do indeed still optimise your website for SEO, however the bulk of the work carried out by them after that was simply advising their clients as to what content to create. We found this an interesting approach, which while a tad misleading, does reinforce a message we have been telling clients over and over, that content is king! Regardless of how well optimised your site is, continuously adding fresh, relevant content is what will drive results in search engines.

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