Latest changes to Facebook message inbox

Facebook has surprised users with more changes, and once again there has been a mixed reaction, with some praising the changes while others are unimpressed.

While there are definitely features in the new format that are useful, for example you can see when someone has seen a message you send, and also which individual members of a group conversation have read the latest reply in a thread. Another change is the actual layout of your inbox. With a scrolling list of conversations on the left hand side that you can use to select which message you view. This is actually a good change in my opinion. One change which is a definite inconvenience though, is they Facebook have removed the ‘view earlier messages’ link, which used to appear when you message someone from their profile. This was you have to either search your inbox to find the last conversation you had with someone, or start from scratch.

All in all the changes do appear to be for the better, but Facebook have been so ruthless with their changes over the past few years, that a common reaction to any ‘improvements’ they make is one of resentment and disapproval. Is it because people don’t like change? Or is it because Facebook force the changes upon their users without warning or explanation? The bigger question here though, is just how long will it continue to be the number one social media site on the web? Surely making constant changes and blatantly cashing in with ads and promoted posts isn’t how to keep users happy…

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