More Ways to Improve Your Business' Presence on Facebook Using Timeline

Crunch Time for Timeline Over the past few days our Facebook feed has been full of status updates about Timeline. The most common reason for posting, people who hadn’t ‘upgraded’ yet and are now being forced to. Comments along the lines of: “I didn’t activate this Timeline business, what’s going on?” “Do I have a choice?” “Is there a way to return to the old layout?”

The negative posts come as little surprise really, as those who hadn’t switched over to Timeline yet were most likely those who weren’t keen on the idea, and now their choice has been taken away from them. Essentially Facebook has once again forced people to change the way they interact online. While there is plenty of negativity around the issue, Timeline isn’t necessarily a bad thing and has potential.

Good for businesses? The new changes to Facebook certainly have the potential to be beneficial to businesses, groups and organizations, and here are three features which you should be using. Cover Photo We mentioned last time that custom landing pages are unfortunately no longer an option, so the cover photo is a key element to making your page stand out.

The preferred size for this image is 855x350 pixels. Creating your image in this size to begin with will avoid it being stretched or warped when uploaded. ‘Pinning’ a post to the Timeline This is something we spoke about earlier also, but this really is a feature which has definite potential and works much like a ‘sticky’ post in a blog or forum.

Whenever you have a post on your Timeline that you would like visitors to your Facebook page to focus on, you can ‘pin’ it to the top of your page so it doesn’t get pushed down by other posts. Milestones With timeline you also have the ability to add past events to your page. Whatever past events are important to you or may be interesting to your followers. The opening of a store, the date your business was nominated for an award, the possibilities are endless. The next few weeks will see a lot of change along with plenty of confusion for businesses with a Facebook page. Let us know how you go!

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