Facebook Timeline Business Tips

Facebook Timeline is finally here and if you’re still on the old Facebook Business Page layout, Timeline will be made permanent for everyone on the 30th March 2012. Here are some handy tips about some cool new features.

  1. Show your personality. The cover page is the first visual everyone will look at once they arrive to your page. Gone are the days of landing pages and call to actions to “Like”. This image must show off your brand’s identity and personality without words. It’s all about the visual representation of your brand so choose it carefully. If you’re a creative agency, then this is where you can show off your teams creative skills.
  2. Pinning There’s a handy feature to “pin” updates so that important updates can remain at the top for up to seven days. For example, if you’re having a limited time only promotion, this can made prominent at the top and serve as a good reminder.
  3. Maximise your impact The ability to enlarge updates to make the image size bigger has enormous advantages because it maximises the impact of whatever you’re showcasing. For example, if you sell paintings, having the ability to widen the update allows people to see the whole landscape. 4. Private Messaging Fans are able to privately message the page if they don’t want to write publicly on the wall. This allows the business page to also solve issues privately which is an advantage. However, this is limited as the page cannot initiate contact with a fan, as they must message the page first.
  4. Apps Facebook Timeline allows up to 12 apps on the page. Photos appear in the first spot, which cannot be moved, however the order of the other apps can be changed.

Make sure you put the most important ones first! Are you a fan of the new Timeline? Stay tuned for more tips.

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