Content: The key to standing out from the rest!

One of our Sydney SEO client recently asked us, “What happens when my competitors all optimise their websites? What will keep my site at the top of Google search results?” This is a really good question, and came at a perfect time, as we have recently been discussing long term digital marketing strategies with a number of clients, to ensure they are prepared for the long run (SEO is usually a long term strategy, but in these cases we were discussing REALLY long term strategies).

With more and more businesses realising the value of search engine optimisation, what happens as more and more competitors have their websites optimised? How can you ensure your site stands out from the rest and continues achieving good results?

A vital element to the continued success of a website (from an SEO point of view) is content. No matter how many times we repeat ourselves, it simply cannot be stressed enough, that if you want to continue to stand out from your competitors, you need three things, content, content, and content! Once a website has been optimised and hit the top of search results, search engines have essentially reviewed the site and formed an opinion on the core factors that contribute to how that site will rank. The traditional elements that form SEO such as neat site architecture, relevant titles, optimised links, no broken links or hidden text, etc. play a big role in helping search engines form an opinion of your website, and the next step is constantly creating content.

Whatever topics/products/services it is you wish to rank for you need to show search engines that your website is a valuable resource for visitors. If your website’s goal is selling shoes, write about shoes, if the goal is selling bricks, write about bricks. The content you create can include blog posts, news items, tutorials, reviews, basically any content that could be useful for someone who is interested in the topic at hand. Ideally, the more of these forms of content you include, the better, and the higher quality the content is, the more likely it will be shared, driving even more visitors to your site! As online business continues to grow and SEO becomes more and more competitive, content is a factor that will always continue to drive search results. Keep it original, fresh and relevant, and you might be surprised at the results!

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