The Rise of Online Video Viewership

The area of online video is only going to get bigger. According to comScore's October Video Metrix, which looks at online video viewing trends, Americans watched a total of 42.6 billion videos (a new record!), up almost 3 million since September. But regardless of where you’re watching, these findings are indicative that online video viewership is growing very rapidly, so incorporating videos into your online strategy may be a good opportunity for your business to effectively reach a larger audience.

Not only is the number of people viewing videos increasing, but the way social video is changing the way brands use online advertising. With the emergence and interlinking of social media e.g. implementing a YouTube channel onto your Facebook Business Page. This allows users to opt-in to view the videos on their own and encourages them to action such as sharing the video, liking it and/or commenting – which would then be shared with all their friends.

A study by YuMe Video Advertising Metrics reports in 2010 and 2011 found that users are more than three times as likely to interact with a brand after the view, compared to pre-roll, on their Facebook Page. So where do you watch your online videos? Check out the most popular places on the web here.

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