Twitter Business Tips

Here are some tips to help you create and manage a successful Twitter Business account.

1. Customisation.

Have a professional customised Twitter page. Bear in mind that the design should stay consistent with your brand in the use of colours, logo/s, and imagery.

2. Determine goals.

Determine the goals for your Twitter. Is it to gain exposure for branding and showcasing your area of expertise? Is it to interact with other like minded people? Is it a customer service channel? It is to increase traffic to your website or blog? Having a clear purpose in mind will help keep you focussed on presenting the right information. This goal should be passed to everyone in your organisation who is also tweeting for you.

3. Profile.

Completely fill out all aspects of your profile. It’s beneficial to give as much information about you as a business. This is so people have a good understanding of what you can offer.

4. Username.

Preferably choose your company name as your username. If it has already been taken, think of a name that people can easily identify the Twitter account as you.  

5. Facebook and Twitter linkage.

If you have a Facebook Business Page, be sure to link the two accounts. This will enable Twitter to be updated when your Facebook Page is. If it’s the other way round, be careful you don’t spam your fans. Have a look at the Quantum Web Solutions Twitter.

Stay tuned for more Twitter tips!

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