Facebook Business Tips #7

Here are some tips to help you create and manage a successful Facebook business page.

1. Keep it interesting.

Fans opt into your Page for a reason. They invite your updates, so keep it interesting and engaging. Once you’ve hooked them in, this gives them a reason to want to check your Page without you having to update it.

2. Secure a Vanity URL.

This is the ability to customise your Facebook URL by adding your company name at the end. E.g. www.facebook.com/QuantumWebSolutions. However, you will need at least a minimum number of 25 fans to do this. Once you hit that number, be sure to quickly secure your vanity URL.

3. Facebook ads

Facebook ads can be very powerful as they can target specific profiles of people e.g. demographic, geographic location, interests, groups. For example: a cosmetic company could target females, between the ages of 25 - 35, located in Sydney, Australia and who have put “makeup” as an interest in their personal profile.

4. Facebook ads and milestones.

If your business is dependent on special occasions such as weddings, these ads can target specific people, which in turn targets highly quality traffic who are more likely to convert. For example: a wedding catering business could target those who have put “engaged” in their relationship status. By targeting quality traffic, increases the likely chances they will convert because it is so personalised and relevant to their needs at that point in time.

5. Facebook ad attribution.

Facebook ads can also be utilised for branding. If people start to see your brand more often, it will start to make an impression on them, so in time when that need arises, they will actively go search for you. Have a look at the Quantum's Facebook Business Page.

Stay tuned for more Facebook tips!

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