Twitter Business Tips #2

Here are some tips to help you create and manage a successful Twitter Business account.

1. Tweeting.

Many people use Twitter as an information source. You know a lot about your business and industry, so share it with others! This could be via interesting news articles, or a blog post you’ve written. Sharing things people like to read encourages “retweets” which enables the viral spread of your Twitter, and essentially your business.

2. Sharing insights.

Share your own industry insights and knowledge by giving helpful tips that would be very beneficial to your customers. It’s all about showcasing your knowledge and how they can benefit off you, which in turn reflects positively on you as a business.

3. Succinct messages.

Twitter is limited to 140 characters, so be sure to make your message clear and concise as possible. If you need to include a link, use a link shortener called bitly, or Google’s url shortner

4. Build a “following” list.

Build up your “following” list. Don’t know who to follow? Think of information sources you read from such as websites, prominent thought leaders within your industry, blogs, and relevant celebrities. All these depend and vary on your industry.

5. Start interacting.

Interact and engage within your community. This is a way to build and grow your list of “followers”. This could be through retweets or @ replies. Have a look at the Quantum Web Solutions Twitter.

Stay tuned for more Twitter tips!

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