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The Biggest Google Changes of 2010

2010 has been a very big year for the internet particularly with Google and Facebook, and arguably, 2010 was the year of Facebook. Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg was named Time's Person of the Year, so perhaps this lends credence to this statement. I don’.....
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Category: News & Updates, Google, Social Media

Facebook and Bing: The Future of Search?

The recent partnership between Bing and Facebook sees a whole new measure for determining the best search results within Bing (and so within Facebook Search). This is through using ‘social signals’ such as the ‘Like’ button seen on many external websites, as w.....
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Category: News & Updates, Social Media, Digital Marketing

Google Caffeine - Search Engine Changes

Google Caffeine The speed, accuracy and relevancy of Google search results are only getting better. On the 8th June 2010, Google announced one of their largest ever search algorithm updates. Built to make search more up-to-date, Caffeine will index new conten.....
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Category: News & Updates, Social Media, Digital Marketing, SEO

comScore Online Video Rankings

According to comScore, a leader in digital marketing intelligence, their recently released online video rankings metrics report found Google video property sites ranked first with 13.1 billion videos accounting for 43.2% of all videos viewed online. Hulu ranke.....
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Category: News & Updates, Google

Domain Purchase Scams

Have you received e-mails advising that a company has tried to purchase domain names under your trademark and they are helping you to protect your investment? These unsolicited e-mails have been circulating for years now in one form or another, and are designe.....
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Category: News & Updates

Twitter Timeline search feature from Google

Google recently announced their new Twitter timeline search feature. It is quite an exciting feature, as it helps to track hot topics being searched for, what was being discussed relating to those topics at specific times and so, provide better insight into us.....
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Category: News & Updates, Social Media, Pay-Per-Click, Content Marketing, SEO

Google Personalised Search

If you haven't recently noticed the type of results being displayed differently in Google, you are likely to notice them soon enough. Google has recently brought their 'personalised search' out of Beta after more than a year of testing, providing you with a ne.....
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Category: News & Updates, SEO

Understanding HTML Color Codes

When I help people with web pages, I encourage them to edit the HTML directly and not rely on programs like Microsoft FrontPage or Adobe GoLive to layout their pages. One of the things that most people have a hard time grasping is what HTML Color Codes mean an.....
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Category: News & Updates

Three Quick Tips for Cutting Down on Spam

Over the last couple of months, you may have noticed an increase in the amount of spam coming through. I know I did, and have gone from receiving four of five e-mails, through to almost thirty a day. An interesting article in Internet week discusses the spike .....
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Category: News & Updates

MSN Declines in the Search Market

MSN Search must be very worried with a a significant drop in its market share of the search engine space. While MSN/Windows Live Search comes in at third place in a ielsen//Netratings search share rankings report released for September 2006, they show a a 12 p.....
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Category: News & Updates

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