Sneak Preview of our New CMS

Quantum are excited to shortly be launching the new version of our CMS, Version 3.0. It has been 6 years since we built our first CMS, and our technology has come a very long way since then. In the past 6 months alone we've spent more than 2,500 hours of development time. The new version comes with a completely new design, as well as new features and improved usability. It also has improved SEO features to allow most SEO related functions to be completed within the CMS. But please take a look below at the brand new Dashboard and improved Page Manager.

The Dashboard

The new Dashboard allows you drag and drop the most used functions of the CMS onto the Dashboard, making it easy to quickly access the most used functions of the CMS. On hover of each Dashboard icon it gives a quick overview of what each function does making it easy for you or your staff to remember what the function is for.

The Page Manager

The Page Manager already provides easy control over adding, editing and deleting content, however the new design and layout is more logical and intuitive making it even easier to manage site pages. Both Web and Mobile content (should you wish them to be different) can easily be managed from the same interface, making updates quick, and reducing inconsistencies between the two. Content can easily be previewed in it's 'actual format' before being saved and viewed by everyone else, helping to avoid accidental mistakes. Page Help provides answers to your most common questions for that section of the CMS, and is linked back to a central source. We're always improving the help section as we receive feedback from our clients. Accidentally saved a page and lost all your content? No problems, 'Previous Revisions' saves your previous versions by date, time and user so previous content can be restored in its entirety.

SEO Options

Easily manage the pages' Meta Data making your site more Google friendly. The meta fields even help you keep within the recommended character limit to make sure your Ad details will display properly in Google. Setting the 'Google Priority' automatically updates the inbuilt Google XML sitemap to tell Google what priority is placed against the page. Previous Revisions also comes in handy for SEO purposes. If you've had a sudden drop in Google rankings, clicking on Last Revisions can help you see what page changes have been made to the page that may have influenced the drop. The 'Google Preview' even shows you how your meta data will likely appear in Google. To find out more or have a demonstration, please contact us on 1300 3888 11.

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