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Facebook vs Instagram: which is best for your social media strategy?.

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular social media platforms in the world and they can offer a lot to a business. With billions of active users, it’s clear that these social networking sites are extremely powerful and offer a lot of opportunities .....
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Category: Digital Marketing, Social Media

Are you Using TikTok? Here's What You Should Know.

The recent TikTok developments seem like a gripping movie storyline. An app that started as the young generation's platform of expression has hit rough roads – for all the wrong reasons. One thing's for sure - it's not a great time to be a TikTok user. So, wil.....
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Category: News & Updates, Social Media

How to Write Your Clinic's Homepage.

Of all the pages on your clinic's website, none is more important than the homepage. This is the first page most patients will see, the page that shows up first in search results, and the page you're directing people to when you give them a link to your websit.....
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Category: Google, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO

Schema Markup for Medical Services: Make Your Google Result Stand Out.

When you've built a website for your clinic and filled it with quality content, it can be frustrating if you're still not reaching the top of local search results. Taking a look at how these results are presented on the screen could reveal what your competitor.....
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Category: Digital Marketing, Google

Online Reviews and Testimonials: What Dentists Need to Know.

Social proof is a powerful marketing tool, especially for healthcare industries. Any dental clinic can boast of its team's skills and experience, but the proof is in the testimonials left by satisfied patients. A 2019 survey by Software Advice found that 94% o.....
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Category: Digital Marketing

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